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Bonjour Friends & Family


Regarding our past nine years selling gift cards.


I must admit it was hard not selling gift cards this year as a lot of people were disappointed, but in the end, we think it was a good decision.

Most all the gift cards we sold in the past are expired now.

And we still have phone calls with people wanting to redeem them. The biggest issue is most people blame us for having an expiration date and for taking the money of the person who bought it.

People that used their gift card before expiration or was able to redeem them after expiration never became regular Clients even though many promised to Us they will be the best clients we have! We are still waiting for them ;-)

The truth is that if that person did not honor in time or last month of expiration date that was not the right gift for that person.

We are a small business trying to keep our prices the same with inflation and to be honest I opened the Spa to bring an experience as a friend and family business we are about helping people to have an escape from the stress of everyday life.


After the past two years of inflation, we are still fighting to keep our prices and our discounts and not to cut the time and the use of our high-end products.

 "Apple For Apple" Since we started no one can compete with all what we are offering.

Not about making a lot of money.


The one still wants to buy a service @ SPA De PARIS are buying gift cards at other stores (visa gift card) or booking and paying for the service or services for that special day.


We are still “The Little Paris in San Antonio, TX”


Au revoir à bientôt!

Connie L Cooper

Very Proud small business Owner & Massage Therapist Instructor of Spa De Paris.