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Bonjour friends & Family

Every gift card we sell comes with a 6-month expiration from the date of purchase. In 2020 the spa was shut down for 2 months so with that and Covid we were more forgiving on the 6-month expiration.

Now we are in 2022 and we still have clients wanting to redeem gift cards that have been expired some for up to 1 months and more.

The policy is 6 months the only exceptions are

*1. If the spa is closed during the time of expiration.

*2. We don’t have the staff available to do the service.

*3. You call before the expiration with a legitimate reason to extend the expiration date.

Weare a very small spa and since Covid we have been operating on a part-time schedule due to staff shortage working hard to survive and not going out of business.

We are also trying to keep our prices affordable even though our expenses are going way up.

Last few years we were thinking to remove to sell our gift card option for the reason of more than few people waiting until the expiration day or after the expiration threating our business if we do not honor it.

The only reason we did keep the gift card sell option was for our regular clients always want to offer a relaxing time for their friends and family@ SPA De PARIS.

GIFT CARD are no longer available @ SPA DE PARIS.

SPA De PARIS is built on giving the highest quality services for the most reasonable prices and continues to have great savings packages available at the SPA.

Always be "The Little Paris in San Antonio, TX"


Au revoir et a bientot

Connie L Cooper

Very Proud Small Business Owner & Massage Therapist Instructor of Spa De Paris