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Bonjour Friends & Family 


You can feel the welcoming atmosphere as soon as you arrive.  Our friendly massage therapists and Estheticians are here to accommodate your individual needs. Not to rush in and out like other chains SPAS.


It is a one-on-one experience from start to finish we treat you like a guest in our home.

Unlike the big chain SPAS, when you call it is like you arecalling my personal phone so you will not be dealing with someone who doesn't know our skills. You will either get me or one of my great technicians when you come in. We also have a great plan to deal with your individual needs, and we will be able to track your progress to make sure we properly manage your issue.

Our skincare professionals are highly experienced and are here to customize your service for your specific needs when it comes to your skin. They're educated in using SOTHYS PARIS from FRANCE products found mostly in high-end Spas.

A lot of businesses are raising their prices due to inflation hereat Spa de Paris we feel by raising our prices like everyone else it will makeit harder for our guests to receive the services they need on a regular basis. So going forward our prices are locked in, and as promised you will always receive a high-quality experience.


I hope you all have a great week, see you soon.

Merci beaucoup for supporting "The Little Paris in San Antonio, TX.”


Enjoy saving your SPOT 😉


Call: 210-401-4266


Or book online:




Always be “The Little Paris in San Antonio, TX.”

Au revoir à bientôt ! 😉

Connie L Cooper

Very Proud small business Owner & Massage Therapist Instructor of Spa De Paris.