How Chromotherapy Lights Work On Your Body



Bonjour Everyone Many of you have been to the SPA to enjoy our services from Massage, Skin Care and Sauna ,since we are the only SPA Equiped with a Chromtherapy light in every room. I would like for you to know how great the effects of the color you choose is during your session. Color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) is an exciting new form of healing brought forward from the Atlantean teachings, and is complimentary to such modalities as kinesiology, acupuncture and other natural healing modalities. Background Chromotherapy is a therapeutic science which has been used by many races for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used specially built solarium rooms with different colored glasses. The sun would shine through the colored glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Others used different colored silk clothes to filter varying shades of light onto their bodies. There is also evidence of others using colored waters and colored gels to achieve the same results. These days, many natural therapists are using chromotherapy on their patients in interesting ways. They report success in recovery of stroke victims, and in others who have chronic depression. In the United States, chromotherapy is being recognised as a complimentary system to other therapies and treatments. One interesting announcement made by CNN recently discusses application of blue light to the backs of the knees to adjust the body clock, thus overcoming jet lag, and the problems associated with shift work. How and why chromotherapy works The Earth, our continents, oceans, in fact every living thing depends on light to be able to exist. Recent scientific evidence suggests that light is in fact emitted by every cell in our bodies. We live in a sea of energy where color is working within us. It shines with in our divine self, and radiates upon us from the sun. Research and observation has shown us that specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems. Chromotherapy can easily be used as an alternative to Chinese acupuncture, achieving the same results in unblocking meridians without the discomfort of needles used in acupuncture. Hopefully you enjoy this little information I hope this will help you to enjoy your next visit more :-) I am not just only "The Little Paris in San Antonio " but also the only one can provide more health design to my clients at a reasonable price.

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